Seen & Heard: OK Uniform

••• A shout-out to Disrespectacles—which I’m fond of anyway because I bought my glasses there and I like them a lot (one of the Bu & the Duck women has them, too; we’re like an exclusive club)—because today I thought I had scratched them irreparably, and when I brought them to Disrespectacles the nice guy working there wiped off the “scratch” without ever making me feel like a moron.

ok-uniform2-by-tribeca-citizenok-uniform-by-tribeca-citizen••• OK Uniform is moving from 368 Broadway to 253 Church, but it hasn’t moved yet, so stop saying that it has. (These signs at the Church site lead one to think there must be confusion….)

••• Everybody ♥ a bargain: Today’s KGB Deal is half off a $70 mani-pedi with foot massage at Tribeca Spa of Tranquility. It expires Nov. 26 and you have just over two days to claim it. And it’s not available Apr. 5–23. Sorry, time travelers!

••• Grandaisy now sells a “panino sopressata,” which they describe as “Italian dry-cured salami, house roasted yellow peppers, pecorino romano with a touch of garlic, Peggy’s hot pepper concoction, olive oil and pepper on our signature flauta bread.” (I went to get one today they weren’t any, but I’ll be back.)

••• Jimmy Carbone of Taste of Tribeca answered a reader’s questions and I’ll post his responses here in case anyone else was wondering the same things: “Each ticket has six tastes, and yes, people can share tickets.” And as for how late the stores on the self-guided wine tour will stay open: “Hours for the wine-store tour—free to holders of Taste tickets—vary from store to store. I believe wine stores will offer the free tastings until 4 or even 5 p.m.—so it’s a great way to keep celebrating after the food event is over at 3 p.m.!”



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