In the News: Do Yoga in the NYT

••• Do Yoga Do Pilates gets mentioned in a New York Times article about how yoga studios are getting in touch with what really matters—i.e., yoga.

courtesy Bauer Griffin

courtesy Bauer Griffin

••• “Jessica Alba Gets Lunch at Petite Abeille“: Don’t you love that we live in a world where that’s a headline? (No?) Even better, there were nine photos documenting her lunch and stroll—past the Balloon Saloon, clearly—on something called

••• The Wall Street Journal‘s new “Greater New York” section—not badly executed, but why?—spotlights Edward Bazinet’s five-story Warren Street penthouse, on the market for $28 million. Plus: slideshow.

••• “City officials are proposing a new rule that would greatly limit the number of vendors selling photos, sketches and other artwork in Battery Park and other Manhattan green spaces.” (Tribeca Trib) My two cents: The First Amendment protects the right to say what you want in your art, not to clog up public spaces trying to pass it off on everyone else.


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