Seen & Heard: Sasha Wolf Gallery

••• Bummer: Sasha Wolf Gallery is moving to 548 W. 28th St.

••• Commenting on my post about Danny Meyer in negotiations to put a restaurant in BPC, an anonymous reader said, “The Spotted Pig/Breslin people are also putting a restaurant in.” Well, wow.

••• This afternoon, I had a nice chat with Sara Dima who oversees the Fulton Stall Market at the Seaport (on South between Beekman and Fulton). She said that FSM will be launching its second season on Sunday, May 30. This year, the market will be on Sunday instead of Saturday, and Wednesday instead of Friday. (Friday wasn’t super for business, and they’re hoping that the Wednesday lunchtime music series on the pier will help drive traffic.) The hours will be noon to 6 p.m. There will be 10–15 food vendors, same as last year, but they’ll be joined by craft vendors—a “street team” of Etsy vendors, the {NewNew}, who do events in the city. The market is slated to end in early October, but Dima said she take the temperature of vendors a month or so before to see if there’s enough demand to warrant staying open weekly though November. “I’ve also considered doing something longterm with the craft vendors, maybe a holiday craft fair in December,” she said. This is all in addition to the New Amsterdam Market on block north, monthly from June 27 to September 12, at which point it runs weekly through December 19. There are worse things than having a confusing number of markets, that’s for sure.

••• Today’s deal on Tippr (which is like Groupon): a dental exam, teeth cleaning and X-rays for $49—a $435 value—at Tribeca Dental Studio on Warren. New clients only.

••• Park Place is paved!


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