In the News: Marc Forgione vs. NYT

••• New York Times writer Ron Lieber didn’t like having to listen to Marc Forgione (right) berate a staffer, so he went into the kitchen to confront the chef; read Lieber’s account here. Then read Forgione’s response, to Grub Street, here. And then watch the (NSFW!) Curb Your Enthusiasm clip that Forgione linked to on Facebook. I’ve heard two chefs freak out lately—at Soto and Txikito—but march into the kitchen? That’s what we call a superhero complex.

••• “P.S. 234 […] will open an extra section of kindergarten this fall to accommodate some of the dozens of families on the waitlist. The education department’s decision, announced at a meeting Tuesday night, means that about half of the 50 families still waitlisted for PS 234 will win a seat […]. The remaining families will be offered a seat next week in one of three other schools, based on geographic proximity: PS 276 in southern Battery Park City, PS 3 in the Village and the Spruce Street School near City Hall […].” (DNAinfo)

••• Regarding the garbage garage in Hudson Square: “‘The lawsuit is over. It’s a lost cause,’ said David Reck, who was behind the lawsuit and is president of downtown advocacy group Friends of Hudson Square. ‘I wish it wasn’t but it is. They’re going to steamroll over us and they don’t care.'” (DNAinfo)

••• White House pastry chef Bill Yosses—who worked at Montrachet and Bouley back in the day—gets profiled in the New York Times: “Mr. Yosses first became known at Montrachet for a pair of soufflés: one with chocolate, pear and nougatine; the other with lemon and raspberries, both glazed outside to a crunchy sugary crust and warm in the center. At the time, soufflés were considered old hat, but he worked to make them fresh, with perfectly balanced flavors. The molten vanilla cake he invented was a witty take on the chocolate version, but—more important—delicious. (Recipes for some of these desserts are collected in a new cookbook, The Perfect Finish, written with Melissa Clark, a food columnist at The New York Times.)”

••• Tamarind Tribeca gets a nice review from the Village Voice.

••• Time Out New York has a slideshow of the Tribeca apartment—pretty clearly in One York—owned by Ricky Kenig, founder of the Ricky’s NYC chain. Love the throw rugs in photos 8 and 9….


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