Teardrop Park South Unveiled

Battery Park City’s half-acre Teardrop Park South finally opened today, and as you can see from the photos, it’s quite pretty (despite the rain). It’s south of Murray, between the spiffy new Battery Park City Library to the east and Poets House to the north. (I should know the names of the building(s), but honestly, it’s like naming squirrels—there are so many these days, and they all look like.) The park doesn’t have the drama of Teardrop Park North—with its slide, hill, paths, and tunnel—but there is much to admire just the same, including a wooden deck and stairs; a shallow pool of rippling water; and a passageway to Vesey Street that’s lit not unlike the Irish Hunger Memorial, visible at the other end. On a sunny day, we’ll be able to see how well the heliostats—solar reflectors atop a neighboring building—keep the park lit, because as you can also see from the photos, this ain’t Big Sky country. These dog owners will undoubtedly be disappointed to learn that, as in Teardrop Park North, dogs are not allowed.


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