In the News: Il Matto’s Mixologist

photo by Ruth Fremson for the New York Times

••• The New York Times meets Christina Bini (right), the “avant-garde” bartender at Il Matto, opening this month in what was Arqua.

••• The Wall Street Journal looks at the new sculpture exhibit in City Hall Park (which I wrote about here).

••• Oliver Allen writes about vault lights—”small round glass lenses, many quite handsome, set into a cast iron plate in the sidewalk or in a loading platform at the edge of a building so as to let light into the space beneath them”—for the Tribeca Trib.

••• The New York Times reviews the Trump Soho hotel.

••• “Bono and his wife Ali Hewson risk losing millions of euro if they fail in a new bid to get their ethical clothing line off the ground. Ali has admitted their venture,Edun, has not made a profit yet but she is trying to reverse its fortunes since the family moved to New York last year.” (Belfast Telegraph) Edun, it turns out, is based in Tribeca. You learn something new every day. if you’re not careful.


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