Seen & Heard: Peonies!

••• Sorry not to have posted this earlier, but maybe she’ll do it again: N. Moore resident (and Tribeca institution, as this video shows) Wickham Boyle was selling peonies from her Hudson Valley garden, on her building’s loading dock. As a “social experiment,” she wanted to have people just leave money, but no experiment was necessary to know what would’ve happened to the money. She decided to be satisfied letting people determine the price—at least until a woman made a huge bouquet and tried to pay only $5. “I told her to go to Jin’s and see what they charge there,” said Wicki. The vases, by the way, were made by Wicki at Chambers Pottery.

••• Ethan Coen Fine Arts moved next door, to 14 Jay Street, and is open by appointment while the new space is renovated. In the old space—temporarily, one assumes—is an exhibit of drawings by The Electric Pencil. (Fascinating backstory.)

••• Tania Anthony of Resale-Riches took a meeting with a reality TV producer intrigued by the idea of a show about consignment. Read her blog post about it. Next stop, Bravo!

••• The Fig Leaf Theater at 279 Church (bet. White and Franklin) is now a thrift store, of sorts, called the Pink Fig.* I poked my head in this morning, and the merch is often reworked and highly theatrical. (There’s a pair of gold chairs that would look great in my somebody’s crib.) There are also plans to have a raw-food café; curently, you can order food online and pick it up there. If the owner, Madeline, gets back to me, I hope to bring you more details—and a photo or two of the goods.

••• Beginning June 7, Landmarc will be serving bouillabaise on Monday nights.

••• And from June 11 to July 12, Macao Trading Co. will have the World Cup live—doors open at 7:30 a.m.—on a 10′ by 10′ screen. The FIFA special, $10, is a sandwich with beer, coffee, or juice.

••• Registration is now open for the NY Goofs Clown School at the Flea theater, July 26–August 7. So tempted….

* My eyebrows are still up near the ceiling somewhere. Does that sound like a euphemism or what?


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