Wickiworld: Just Shoot Me

About the author: Wickham Boyle, known as Wicki, has has written for The New York Times, National Geographic, and other publications. She was a founder of CODE and Thrivenyc Magazine, executive director of LaMaMa theater, and author of A Mother’s Essays From Ground Zero (2001), which debuted as an opera in 2008. She has an MBA from Yale and worked as a Wall Street stockbroker. At Memory & Movement, she writes about memorizing poems while walking along the Hudson.

They were shooting again on North Moore Street. OK, it wasn’t violent, but it was pervasive and for those of us who live on this much-shot street it was tedious and invasive. I wish I had the genealogy of every film shot here but let’s start with Ghostbusters (a few times), It Could Happen to You, Enchanted (where they built a castle overnight), Hitch, endless Law and Order episodes, the Census commercial, Damages, and on and on.

So now it’s a new TV series, Lights Out. “You haven’t seen it yet, but it’s about boxing,” the PAs and truckers kept telling me. I went to the press site and saw that it’s an FX show about a former boxing champion who is in the early stages of dementia. The guy is so addled so he decides to become a bill collector. Wow, is he collecting from the folks in Tribeca or trying to maintain his lifestyle below Canal with his new job? The project is penned by Justin Zackham, who wrote The Bucket List.

While the rain pelted every inch of the city, the craft-service tents and makeshift holding areas for extras spilled into the streets. I keep arguing for a small set-aside to be used on the most over-shot streets. I’m thinking a street fair, trees, or pony rides. A small giveback for having to struggle to get out the door because the loading dock is hosting the crew as they huddle from the rain.


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