Seen & Heard: Il Matto Opening Date

••• Il Matto is accepting reservations from June 24 on; book via its website.

••• From Dylan Prime: “NYC Citibank and Goldman Sachs employees: ‘Like’ us on Facebook and receive a free $25 gift card. Simply click on the Promotions tab above and fill out the quick and easy registration form. Tell your colleagues and friends!” Thank goodness they won’t go hungry….

••• Two nights ago, I went to Maslow 6‘s party in honor of Le Poisson, a winery in Tunisia. Met the winemaker, Philippe-André Boujnah (left) and sipped a bit of the gris, a refreshing blush wine—especially for lunch outside somewhere, I think—that retails for $12–$13, someone told me. Plus: delicious hors d’oeuvres from Table Tales.

••• For Father’s Day, John Allan’s, the men’s service club—for haircuts etc.—on Washington is offering 20 percent off gift cards and products. (Did you know that the “full service” is only $65 and it includes a scalp-massaging shampoo, haircut, hot towel, manicure, and shoe shine?)

••• I stopped by TAMA today to check out the sale and walked out with a hibachi—a pot that the Japanese used to use to hold hot coals. (Aha!) Anyway, the sale is still on and it’s still really good. Pay with cash or a check and save 3.5 percent. Also, while the store/gallery is closing, the business will take a new form and remain in Tribeca. It’s worthy going in if only to see the view of Staple Street graffiti—including an epithet against “the yuppies”—framed perfectly through one of TAMA’s windows.

••• Quality Burger—from the Merchants family of establishments?—has opened on the WFC plaza.


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