Foto Friday

He was actually trimming the grass around the statue, but I waited for him to put the scissors down because it looked FAR more romantic this way.

I’m reminded of Natasha from the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons…. (Oddly, on the back, it was spelled correctly in the same writing.)

I was chatting with Amit Sharma, owner of the new Nirvana International gallery on West Broadway, when I glanced out the window and did a double-take. He said he consciously hung the artwork there.

I believe these stairs lead to the clocktower part of the Clocktower Gallery, but I couldn’t tell whether this “Access restricted” sign was meant to dissuade nosy people like me, or whether it was part of James Franco’s installation—it would’ve been very in the spirit of the art to make visitors walk by a sign like that.

I love this storefront—it so belongs in the book “Store Front”—but I only today noticed the sign screaming “MAPS and DICTIONARIES.” In other words, two things that no one buys anymore. (I can say that! I spent 16 years building a career in magazines.)


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