Foto Friday

The big buildings the western part of Barclay might be bland on their own, but taken together they do some very neat things.

In northwest Tribeca, when I spotted what looked like an inadvertent skull, but I didn't take a photo because it didn't seem noteworthy. And then, heading down Greenwich, I noticed another skull or two (or conjoined skulls). Was someone was trying to tell me something?

Five minutes later, I came across this on a Duane Street sidewalk.

Better to focus on the pretty, fluffy clouds....

There's a fantastic piece of street art on Washington: It's a wide mosaic of posters with a paper-airplane-ish shape on them. (This photo doesn't give a good sense of the impressive scale.) Anyway, there's an added bonus of graffiti saying, "Don't fuck with the homo tribe!" Yeah, because they'll cut you with their Magic Markers.

Not if you have money for silly bags like this, you aren't. Is it just me, or is there something a little unseemly about this being sold (a) at a Whole Foods, and (b) in what has become a very fancy part of town?


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