In the News: TC on GMA

••• Good Morning America ran an profile of James Franco and included pix of his Clocktower Gallery show from Tribeca Citizen—unfortunately I kind of made a fool of myself in the comments section.

••• “Brookfield Properties’ top executive said this week the company hopes to announce the fate of the Winter Garden’s grand marble staircase before the end of the year.” (Tribeca Trib)

••• Some people use bikes with carts, including ones from Adeline Adeline, to haul stuff around. (New York Times)

••• Francine Wheeler, a member of Dream Jam Band, which plays kids’ music, used to teach at Washington Market School. (New York Times)

••• Even cats swim at Water 4 Dogs. (New York Post)

••• The New York Times profiles freelance ballerina Taylor Gordon, following her as she dances at Stuyvesant High School and the Battery Dance Company‘s studio.

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