Inside Bogardus Mansion

I went and checked out Bogardus Mansion, the event space at 75 Murray that was recently mentioned in the Daily News. I knew the building: It’s the one that has line art on the front window (by Sir Shadow, I learned); the AIA Guide says it was “originally Hopkins Store/now residential,” and notes that the cast-iron façade was by James Bogardus. The president of Bogardus Mansion Event Management, Senu Jasti, showed me around. His full-time job is heading up the New York sales office for Google Enterprise, which sells Google functionality to companies. “We’re actually starting ten companies,” he said of Bogardus. First, his team of 25 people—most of whom are part-time—are launching the event-planning company. The space—there’s a ground-floor ballroom and a basement-level room that feels like a jazz club, complete with bar—can hold 275 people total. “We’re hoping to have a New Year’s party and a Halloween party,” he said. Come fall, the space will also serve as an art gallery, and after that—well, perhaps you can tease out the details at the open house on Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., when the space, all lit up with candles, will look even nicer. (P.S. I threw in a photo of the building’s stairs because I love the ones that go straight up like that. And the elevator is old-school! P.P.S. I forgot to mention that Jasti said their plans eventually include a yoga studio.)


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