Seen & Heard: Nili Lotan

••• Residents on Warren Street are organizing a block association. The kickoff meeting is Wednesday, July 28, at the ground floor of 43 Warren. According to the (elegant) flyer, issues to be discussed include “rat infestation, garbage, noise and others.” (RSVP to They might want to add buses to the list, given that this was in the LMCCC‘s update today: “A major utility project is set to begin the second week of August on Chambers Street. To accommodate the extensive work, Chambers will be reduced to one-way westbound traffic between West and W. Broadway. That traffic change will reroute eastbound M22 buses to Warren Street. Regular traffic will be redirected to either Murray or Canal Street.” From what I can tell, the buses that got rerouted to Warren when Park Place was getting worked on have yet to be rererouted back.

••• Nili Lotan has opened an online store at And the new fall line is in the brick-and-mortar shop on Duane.

••• Anyone know what’s up with 175 W. Broadway? It’s the space that used to be Highland Park (I may have gotten the number wrong), and it’s been getting a thorough revamp, with an open staircase and interior glass walls. I’m guessing architect office until someone tells me otherwise (

••• In the fall, Downtown Dance Factory will offer TADA! Youth Theater‘s Musical Theater Skills Building classes. Let’s hope the skills stay in the Annie/Hairspray vein, because a fourth-grader singing “I’m Still Here” gives me the willies.

••• I saw a piano being played in Tribeca Park the other day, so I emailed Camille Zamora at Sing for Hope to see if one of her pianos got left behind. She said it was probably Colin Huggins, a.k.a. Crazy Piano Guy: “We live in a great city, don’t we!??” Indeed!


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