Seen & Heard: Chandelier Update

••• I called around about what’ll happen to the Swarovski chandeliers at 100 Church once the lobby is “normalized,” and while I was waiting to hear back, I happened to walk by, so I popped back in. The nice gentleman working the desk said that a few tenants had expressed interest in the chandeliers, as had other folks, and the managing agent said that anyone serious about acquiring one should leave a card with the building, and when the chandeliers come down the owners will get in touch. I left my card, so we’ll see. I have to say, I do love that lobby (as it is now). If you’re nearby—it’s on Church between Park and Barclay—check it out. They don’t make ’em like that anymore, and if I worked there, I’d turn happy every morning I passed through the doors.

••• This week is Sausage Week at Blaue Gans. I called to ask what Sausage Week entails, and I was told that the restaurant offers a bunch of sausages that it might normally only have as specials. “And we have a special sausage dessert,” said the woman who took my call. “A sausage dessert?” I said. “Yes, well, it’s, um, a chocolate sausage,” she explained, which forced me to point out the obvious—that that sounds like something out of a porn movie. Anyway! Next week is Strudel Week, and the week after that is Schnitzel Week.

••• The NY Goofs clown show will be August 5–7 at the Flea ($20). This is the culmination of the Goofs’ two-week clown school.

••• Deals, deals, deals: $52 for a 70-minute full-body scrub and wrap at Tribeca Spa of Tranquility (via KGB Deals); $49 for a dental exam at Tribeca Dental Studio (via Tippr).

••• Tiempo Libre is performing two shows—tomorrow and Thursday—as part of the River to River Festival, and at Thursday’s Rockefeller Park show you can BYOD (bring your own drum) and join in. I’m reminded of an old friend who recently posted a Facebook update about how he’d just participated in the best drum circle. People do change!

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