Seen & Heard: Coolhunting

••• Tribeca Grand and Soho Grand hotels have launched GrandLife, a guide to New York City.

••• Brandy Library is offering 15% off the Whisky on the Hudson cruise on Aug. 26—just enter “brandy” as your discount code.

••• I was walking up Church this afternoon, and on the west side of the street, just before Franklin, there’s a vent releasing nice, cool air. It’s enviromentally suspect but kinda delicious. (It’s the one to the left—when I got home I realized I should’ve asked my frend Lisa, at right in the photo, to pose in a Marilyn-on-the-subway-grate way for me….)

••• New on the menu at the Harrison: “Stuffed squash blossoms; figs with bleu cheese cream and prosciutto; and wild striped bass from Montauk with coconut shrimp broth, pea leaves, and lemon basil. For dessert, we have a sweet cornmeal shortcake with macerated plums and lemon chiboust.” I don’t know what a chiboust is but I like it.

••• Fall workshops at Do Yoga Do Pilates are now open for sign-up.


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