Seen & Heard: Calamity Chang

••• Heavens to Betsy! More burlesque is coming to the neighborhood: Macao Trading Co. has announced that its Drunken Dragon Night is a monthly affair that will, on Aug. 23, include “an explosively risqué [Not sure about that phrase. —Ed.] night of Burlesque Cabaret hosted by the infamous Calamity Chang.” Doors open at 9 p.m.; open bar till 11 p.m.; no cover (LOL!).

••• Today’s “side deal” at Groupon is $7 for a $15 walking tour with the lovely Joyce Gold, who I just hung out with to talk about her new Battery Park City tour.

••• Civil war at Bon Chon! Just came across this “official notice” from July 25 on the Bon Chon website: “Bonchon Inc. (The headquarter) has been receiving numerous reviews about 98 Chamber st branch that the chicken do not taste the same as before. Bonchon Inc would like to announce that Bonchon Chicken on 98 Chamber st. has not been using Bonchon’s sauce for past few month and they are serving different sauce. Chamber st location does not serve Bonchon Chicken any more. Please visit 104 John st location to place an order. 104 John St Bonchon Chicken phone: 646-682-7747 online order through or”

••• Tribeca Treats now carries gluten-free baking mixes from 1-2-3 Gluten Free. (And for the rest of us, I can personally vouch for Tribeca Treats’ cookie-of-the-month, the cinnamon-buttermilk cookie.)

••• While we’re on the subject of dietary restrictions: A devoted reader recently wondered if I couldn’t mention how good and affordable the café at 92YTribeca is, but I prefer when there’s a point. I thought about doing a roundup of lunch options you might be aware of—such as Moomah, which you can certainly enjoy even if you don’t have kids—but I couldn’t think of a third surprising option. Anyhow, I had lunch—roasted cauliflower-and-goat-cheese salad, toasted pumpernickel bagel—at 92YTribeca today, and as a mostly-vegetarian,* I appreciated that the restaurant is a Kosher dairy facility (no meat, just fish). And the food was very good!

••• Best Made Co. is now selling something called the Sporting Sail ($80). You can use it to “catch wind” on a skateboard or skis, to enhance your speed or not.


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