Seen & Heard: Bus Stop

••• I don’t take the bus often ever, so I have no idea how prevalent these signs are, but it’s kind of cool. It’s on Warren (and it actually said something that wasn’t gibberish—which is what it looks like—though I don’t remember what).

••• Two Khushi oils are on sale, $9.50 down from $14.

••• On Twitter, Torly Kid tweeted this: “Hey fans! Get 15% off any new fall item this week only by mentioning the Twitter/Facebook special. Dresses, cable-knits, coats, jeans, etc.”

••• Today is Elvis Day at Tribeca Treats: “Cupcakes fit for The King: Banana Fluffernutter, Blueberry Suede Shoes, Memphis Mudslide, Teddy Bear, and the Graceland.”

••• Not sure how I missed this, but tonight (6–9 p.m.) at Jack Hanley Gallery is the opening of Kal Spelletich’s show, “Cosmicism and Contemporary Forestry” (left): “The evening will include homemade BB-Q compliments of the machine/tree BB-Q and the DJ stylings of only San Francisco, California music by multiple California x-pats located in New York City.”

••• On Aug. 23, Tribeca Grill will host its sixth-annual Rhône Walk-Around Tasting ($60 to taste 25 wines, and you get 20% any Rhône wine you order at the restaurant that night; plus, there will be a $35 three-course prix fixe that night).


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