In the News: Bouley Studio

••• Next month, Bouley Studio (right) will host “pizza nights,” followed by “New England seafood nights.” (New York Post)

••• Marc Forgione and Marco Canora (of Terroir) are among the contestants for The Next Iron Chef. (Eater)

••• “Average prices of two-bedroom apartments in non-doormen buildings in Tribeca climbed by 8.7% to $5,930 this month.” (Wall Street Journal)

••• Is 116 John going to go condo? (Curbed)

••• Downtown Express has an update on Dance New Amsterdam‘s battle to avoid eviction.

••• Michael Kinsley in the Atlantic: “Imam Rauf and his followers, however, are not likely to be persuaded by the argument that, even though they had no connection whatever to the events of 9/11, their very presence near Ground Zero is upsetting to the sensitivities of 9/11 survivors and families. It is like telling blacks or Jews that they have every right to move into the neighborhood, but wouldn’t they really be happier in some other neighborhood, not too far away, where the neighbors’ sensitivities won’t be offended? And […] the governor will even help you find one.”

••• MaxDelivery made Inc.‘s list of the 5000 fastest-growing companies (and #82 in the retail category).

••• Norman Kanter, “the painter and neighborhood pioneer, recognized for his ‘fine balance and delicacy of color relationships,’ died in the top-floor Chambers Street loft he had occupied since 1959.” (Tribeca Trib)

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