In the News: Harrison Shake-Up

••• “Jimmy Bradley [right] will be the chef at the Harrison once again. Amanda Freitag is leaving and by mid-September Mr. Bradley will take over the kitchen of the restaurant he opened in the fall of 2001.” (New York Times)

••• The Wall Street Journal profiled Charlotte Voisey, the cocktail guru at the W New York Downtown‘s Living Room bar: “I liked the idea of bringing a night-time element to a Monday through Friday, nine-to-five scene,” she said. “If you look at all the neighborhoods, the Meatpacking District, the East Village, one bar starts there and a few years later the rest follow. I’m hoping we will be that bar in the area.”

••• Unicyclists gathered by City Hall to begin their ride over the Brooklyn Bridge for the New York City Unicycle Festival. (DNAinfo)

••• Professional food crank Jeffrey Steingarten did Grub Street‘s food diary, which included mentions of the Brandy Library, among many other non-Tribeca establishments.

••• Tribeca Grill got a shout-out in comic strip “Apartment 3-G.” (Hat tip to @Sherry_Chiger on Twitter.) I don’t follow the strip, but I’m guessing the brunette is heading toward an intervention? Maybe next week Mary Worth will pop into Sweet Lily for a mani-pedi. Also: The Wall Street Journal praised the way Tribeca Grill handled Restaurant Week.

••• The New York Post hung out with Omri S. Quire—get it?—a DJ who spins at Tribeca Grand‘s brunches. His music sounds pretty interesting.

••• “Wall Street Plaza is a 33-floor building at 88 Pine Street that rises up beside the East River in Lower Manhattan. Famed architecture firm Pei Cobb Freed and Partners designed the tower in the late 1960s, and the building now houses the firm’s offices. The owners say that this fact-that it boasts the signature I.M. Pei touch-makes the building “iconic.” So iconic, in fact, that to allow a newsstand in front of it would be eternally damaging to its aesthetic appeal.” (The New York Observer) It’s New York City, folks. Get over it.

••• A profile of Tribeca artist John Mendelsohn. (D’Art International)


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