In the News: 137 Franklin

••• The New York Times‘s fall restaurant preview includes a bunch of places we knew about: Tribeca Canvas, Compose, and Theater Bar.

••• “We always, always hire the undocumented workers,” [an unnamed Tribeca chef and restaurateur] said. “It’s not just me, it’s everybody in the industry. First, they are willing to do the work. Second, they are willing to learn. Third, they are not paid as well. It’s an economic decision. It’s less expensive to hire an undocumented person.” Hmm, how many chef/restaurateurs are there in Tribeca? I could narrow it down to four. (The New York Times)

••• The drama never ends at West Thames Park. (Broadsheet Daily)

••• An algae bloom turned the Hudson red yesterday. (Broadsheet Daily) According to Wikipedia, red is “commonly used on the flags of Muslim countries.”

••• “A tiny new Tribeca condo building that looks old and replaces an empty lot. Sound like a perfect fit? Well hold your horses, because the 137 Franklin Street [left] proposal is in a historic district, and there are rules to be followed. Like genuflecting to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which yesterday didn’t approve the seven-story, brick-and-steel Studio MDA design, but didn’t dump on it, either. The commissioners supported the project but asked for some changes, like a bigger cornice, shorter windows (up top), taller windows (on the bottom) and less flimsy metalwork.” (Curbed)

••• Sunday deal at BLT Bar & Grill: “Starting this Sunday, children 14 and under get a 50 percent discount on the regular menu and blackboard specials at BLT Steak, BLT Prime, BLT Bar & Grill, and BLT Steak White Plains.” Did you know that Vogue personage André Leon Talley lives in White Plains? Swear it’s true. (Eater)


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