Seen & Heard: Hudson Party

••• Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. the Friends of Bogardus Garden will celebrate the new plaza on Hudson Street with face-painting; yoga from Body & Mind Builders; karate, ballet, and crafts from Playgarden; music; and more.

••• Today’s deal on Scoop St: $3 admission (instead of $7) to the Museum of Chinese in America. Today’s deal on Bloomspot: $99 microdermabrasion facial at Tribeca Beauty Spa.

••• Check out this Carlos Motta chair that’ll soon be at Espasso: It’s called the Havaiana, after the flip-flops, because it’s made with wood and rubber. It’ll be part of an exhibit, “Used and Resused Wood: Furniture by Carlos Motta,” opening Sept. 22. Love it.

••• Went to City Winery for the first time last night, and had a fantastic time. I gave up going to concerts because I hate standing and by the time I sit through an opening act I’m ready to go home. But at City Winery I chose my seats online when I bought the tickets, the show started only 15 minutes late (and there was no opening act), and the food was far better than I’ve come to expect from music venues. The space is intimate but not claustrophobic. I’ll be back.


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