Loft Tour Preview #3: Architectural Splendor

The Friends of Duane Park’s 11th-annual Inside Tribeca Loft Tour is Oct. 17. For a mere $50, you have four hours to get a close, self-guided look at around 10 lofts. (There are never repeats from year to year.) Only 400 tickets are sold, so buy yours now! Proceeds help to maintain Duane Park.

The third apartment I got a preview of—the first two are here and here—was really cool. The back part is the home of Linda Pollak and Sandro Marpillero, while the front is the office of their firm, Marpillero Pollak Architects. They purchased it in 2000, and then reworked it in ways that only two architects could, making the most of opportunities (such as uncovered columns and beams) as they happened. The result is fascinating: Many details are old (the building was built in the 1860s), but the complexity of the architecture feels very modern. I’m not sure my photos will make sense of it; I heartily recommend seeing it in person.

P.S. Pollak said that she was walking by Bassett’s (a restaurant that was where A Uno is now) as it was being gutted, and she picked up the sneeze guard and an ice bin, which she made use of in their kitchen and on their deck, respectively.

The living room has 26-foot-tall ceilings. (I had to use the panorama aspect ratio to get this much in one shot.) I think I shot this from the mezzanine.

One of many stairwells. This area will be off limits to the tour, because people might fall into it.

What the bathroom loses in privacy it gains in light.

A built-in vanity includes an exposed section of an old column.

The loft comprises the building's ground floor and basement, but because of the deck off the basement, you don't feel as if you're below street level.

A dramatic moment in the kitchen.

Coolest pantry ever? The doors were also salvage, if I remember correctly.

Looking up from the living room to the mezzanine and beyond.

The master bedroom has a balcony overlooking the deck; a sleeping loft, at top, also has a sliver of a balcony.

A rough-hewn balcony railing.

The living room, as seen from the ground floor.

A pretty moment on the mezzanine.


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