Now Open: Birdbath Bakery

The Birdbath Bakery at Church and Thomas is open for business. The aesthetic is a little rough-edged, which is in line with the bakery’s green/organic ethos—although it made for an awkward question when I had to ask owner Maury Rubin if the interior was finished. (It is.) You’ll find the usual array of Birdbath baked goods—tarts, scones, muffins, those infernal cookies—as well as sandwiches and prepared foods (dinners for two or three such as chicken and brussel sprouts, and mac and cheese). Rubin asked me not to take a photo of the prepared foods because the cooler doesn’t look perfect—or imperfectly perfect—just yet. I’ll file a full report when I’ve tasted every single thing there. Also: The shop is selling Rick’s Picks pickles.


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