Introducing the Tribeca Visitor’s Guide

In the left-hand column, I added a link to a Tribeca Visitor’s Guide. It came about because:

1. I want to encourage visitors. I’m tired of seeing storefronts—such as Tama and Tribeca Girls—getting turned into residences or offices.
2. I’ve long been wondering how tourists (even from within the city) navigate Tribeca, given that it’s a pretty diffuse neighborhood. I’ve watched them walking around, clearly trying to figure out where the action in world-famous Tribeca is.
3. At Gill & Lagodich, I spotted a “Tribeca Art, Design & Antique District” giveaway map, published by the Tribeca Organization. There’s no date on it, but probably a third of the establishments listed have closed or moved—which takes us back to encouraging visitors to come to Tribeca.

I’d like to create a new map for anyone new to Tribeca, to be distributed online and via local shops and restaurants. I can handle the writing and distribution, but I need to find a designer and a printer who’ll work pro bono for exposure, and/or a sponsor to cover designing and printing costs. If that’s you—or if you know anyone I should approach—please email me at


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