In the News: DeLury Square

••• The Some Interesting People blog looks at photographer (and “Where in Tribeca..?” pro) Robert Ripps: “He’s able to make the family next door or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Lady Margaret Thatcher or Mikhail Gorbachev or the 1,000 other celebrities feel equally comfortable in front of his lens.”

By Julie Shapiro (courtesy DNAinfo)

••• “The 8,800-square-foot DeLury Square Park at Fulton and Gold streets opened Thursday afternoon.” It has a waterfall. (DNAinfo)

••• The New York Times weighs in on the value of living on a tiny park such as CaVaLa Duane Park.

••• Marketing consultant Ingrid explains what to do now that Kardashians have moved into the neighborhood.

••• “The brokerbabble tells us penthouse 11C at 260 West Broadway’s American Thread Building was “Designed for Royalty,” which immediately got us curious. The Royalty in question appears to be former hip hop exec and Jay-Z buddy Stephen J. Soute, who purchased the apartment for a bit over $3 million in 2001. In March, he wanted $9.5M for the 3,580 square foot 3BR, 2.5BA. Now the price is down to $7.9M.” (Curbed)

••• Twelve of the 16 units at 34 Leonard are reportedly rented. (Crain’s)

••• “A new exhibit at the Museum of Jewish Heritage traces the brief life of Hannah Senesh, a Hungarian poet who was executed in 1944 while trying to rescue Jews from Nazi-occupied Europe. After her death, Senesh became an Israeli folk hero, lauded for her talent and bravery. But until now, no scholar has ever collected the pieces of her life and developed a complete picture of her 23 years.” (DNAinfo)

••• Tribeca Trib learns more about Nutopia, the restaurant to replace Columbine.

••• One of the members of Kings of Leon lives in Tribeca. (New York Post)

••• Immaculate Infatuation was disappointed by Stuzzicheria, but the reviewer ordered badly, in my decidedly unhumble opinion.

••• A writer on the Huffington Post gets queasy at the thought of staying in room 911 at the W New York Downtown: “Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be phased by this room number but knowing that the view from the bedroom of room 911 overlooked the site of the World Trade Center rendered me speechless. I stood in the dark hallway of the hotel and wondered, what would I do if the hotel that overlooked Ground Zero handed me the keys to room 911 when I checked in? Admittedly, I would probably ask for another room.” I’m sorry, but—no, I’m not sorry. Grow up. People need to stop acting like the area is cursed.


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