Twelve Tweets of Tribeca

I have mixed feelings about Twitter—I need 140 characters to clear my throat—but I will concede one thing: It can be a fascinating window into the world. I’ve been following “Tribeca” at the suggestion of Matt Lundquist of Tribeca Therapy (he’s an excellent tweeter, by the way), and, well, some of the stuff that gets posted just cracks me up. (Although I can’t tell you how tired I am by seeing people quote Jay-Z—the one above notwithstanding, because that guy has so never been hood.) Before we get to my favorite random tweets from the past few weeks, a few caveats: 1) I don’t necessarily agree with them. 2) I apparently have a soft spot for profanity. 3) As we know, there are nightclubs and bars called Tribeca all over the globe, but I’m pretty sure that only the “tight tshirts” one is about such an establishment. 4) Remember: Tribeca Citizen is on Twitter, too—@TribecaCitizen.


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