In the News: Theater Bar

••• “Perhaps the most dazzling thing about Theater Bar isn’t behind the bar, it’s underneath it. If you go down a side stairwell, punch in the four-digit access code to the first door you encounter, walk down a long, almost Shining-esque hallway of walk-in freezers, pass through the kitchen, and then head upstairs, you’ll get to the ‘backstage’ VIP area behind the bar! It’s all rather magical, because the poor schmucks clamoring for drinks in front of the bar have no idea how you got there. And if you and your friends want to pull a vanishing act, Trummer says he plans to use the walk-in freezers as private rooms.” (Grub Street)

••• “At the moment, a really good anthropological study in New York City would be the people who work out at Tracy Anderson’s studio in Tribeca. Ms. Anderson is the toned and—at 5 feet tall and change—petite fitness guru who has trained such fit and fabulous contemporary icons as Madonna, Shakira, Courteney Cox and Gwyneth Paltrow. Ms. Paltrow is also Ms. Anderson’s business partner. Women everywhere, it seems, follow Ms. Anderson’s DVDs. This summer, she set up a pop-up workout shop in the Hamptons, where she lives most of the time with her son, Sam, to teach her method. The method includes leg and arm work, band exercises and extensive dance routines that are terrifying or exhilarating, depending on whom you ask. Likewise, the method is revolutionary or nothing special, depending on whom you ask.” (Wall Street Journal)

••• James Franco fan Suzanne Colasanti blogged about the actor/writer/artist’s reading at Barnes & Noble Tribeca. It was long.

••• “Tribeca’s Washington Market Park just got a little greener, but not where you’d expect. While workers recently put some finishing touches on the park’s new million-dollar bathroom building—expected to open by the end of the month—another crew was on the roof, gardening. ‘It will have flowers and it will look like a meadow,’ Campbell Morrison, the Parks Department architect who designed the structure, said as the men carefully placed the first plants on the park bathroom’s new ‘green’ roof, the first in the city.” (Tribeca Trib)

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