Seen & Heard: Kiva Finale

••• Today is Kiva Café‘s last day on Reade Street: “Bring your family, friends and little ones. Kiva will be open the whole day, until 8pm.” Meanwhile, it’s gearing up for catering business (see photo).

••• There was a rumor on Twitter that La Colombe Torrefaction is closing its Church Street café. The head office swears it’s not true.

••• Press release: “The Battery Park City Authority yesterday named Gayle M. Horwitz as its new President and CEO. […] Ms. Horwitz, who succeeds James Cavanaugh, began at the Authority last June as its Chief Operating Officer. Previously, Ms. Horwitz served as First Deputy Comptroller for New York City, where she was responsible for managing daily operations including a staff of more than 720 employees, a $66 million operating budget, a $36.5 million capital budget and a pension portfolio of more than $100 billion.”

••• Tribeca Spa of Tranquility‘s Tribeca European Deluxe Facial is on sale: $99 instead of $119.

••• MaxDelivery is hosting a social on Nov. 5, 6–8 p.m., at Eileen’s Spoecial Cheesecake, which is up on Kenmare Square.

••• On Oct. 31, FasTracKids will host a free event called Astronaut Blast Off to Space for kids from 12 months to 10 years: “Embark on a space journey where they will be launched from our FasTracK rocket ship to the moon! Walk on the moon, explore the stars and planets, taste astronaut food, dress up in space gear, see model rocket ships, etc! Space tours will take approximately 10 minutes.”


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