In the News: Christy Turlington Burns

••• That Nordstrom charity store in Soho won’t be branded as a Nordstrom store. (Racked)

••• The Tribeca Trib on the naming of Albert Capsouto Park.

••• Tribeca resident Christy Turlington Burns gets Q&Aed about her documentary about maternal death, or women who die while giving birth. (Vanity Fair)

••• Unrelated!!! Tribeca resident Mariah Carey is pregnant. (NBC Washington)

••• Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen apparently work out at SoulCycle Tribeca while wearing cashmere. And why not? (The Cut)

••• In its “Who Goes There?” series on “mysteriously enduring Gotham restaurants,” Eater visits Capsouto Frères.


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