Pop-Up: Project No. 8

“I love this block,” says Brian Janusiak (right), who owns Project No. 8 with his wife, Elizabeth Beer. “It’s one of my favorite blocks in the city.” So when the ex-Pomme space opened up, they couldn’t resist doing something there—especially since they’re friends with the folks down the street at Mondo Cane. Project No. 8, if you’ve never been to the shops on the Lower East Side or in the Ace hotel, sells a highly curated mix of high and low. The Tribeca shop, set to unpop in mid-February, tilts toward the high. There’s a rack of clothing (and they’ve even found room for a dressing room), as well as Vitsoe shelves and a display case with Isaac Reina leather goods (he formerly worked at Hermès and somewhere else I didn’t catch the name of because I was busy caressing an A4 folder that can double as a laptop case), statement jewelry, a book or two. “It’s basically an overview of all the things we really love,” says Janusiak. The inventory will shift over time. 186 Duane (between Hudson and Greenwich), 212-966-3904, projectno8.com. Open Wednesday to Sunday, noon–7 p.m.


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