Progress Report: The New Builds, Part 1

Location: Southeast corner of Washington and Canal.
What we know about it: The nine-story building, designed by architect Ben Hansen, was stalled when Peter Moore Associates sold it to developer Vella Group. The plan to have commercial on the ground floor was ditched in the early fall, and a new configuration for the residences—there will be 12 total—was filed (and possibly not yet approved) late last month. The word from Vella Group is that it should be finished by third quarter of 2011, and Core will handle sales.
Renderings (courtesy Ben Hansen):


1 N. MOORE (240–244 W. BROADWAY)
Location: Northwest corner of W. Broadway and N. Moore.
What we know about it: Developer Peter Moore (him again) planned an edgy-looking 10-story building, but when the Vella Group (them again) swooped in during the bust, it had Flank Architecture (also the original architects) redesign the project. There will be two entrances, both on N. Moore; one is for “the six-story townhouse (four bedrooms, five baths, private garage, 1,210-square-foot outdoor courtyard) that will occupy the western side of the building,” reported the Tribeca Trib. As with 471 Washington, Vella Group says that it should be finished by third quarter of 2011, and that Core will handle sales.
Renderings (courtesy Vella Group):


57 Reade as seen from Broadway. Below: as seen from Reade.


The L-shaped building fronts the west side of Broadway (between Chambers and Reade), and also the south side of Reade (between Broadway and Church).
What we know about it: The developer of Reade57, as it’s known, is the John Buck Company of Chicago; the design is by SLCE Architects. The 20-story building will have two floors of retail and 17 floors of condo apartments (84 apartments total). According to the LMCCC’s website, “The Broadway façade will be a sleek, blue-tinted glass with one bay of balconies at its south end. The narrow mid-block facade at 57 Reade Street will also be blue-tinted glass with one bay of balconies but the western portion of the north façade will be a light-colored grid.” Nestled within all that blue-tinted glass will be the five-story cast-iron building at 287 Broadway, which you may know better as the Leaning Tower of Tribeca. During excavation work on 279 Broadway, its neighbor’s foundation was damaged, forcing the building’s evacuation and bringing everything to a standstill. (Last month, it came out that construction was also temporarily halted when the concrete columns in the subcellar were deemed to be of unsatisfactory strength.) Completion is now estimated for the fall of 2011. Renderings (courtesy SLCE Architects):


77 Reade, seen from Chambers. Below: the view on Reade.

77 READE (73–77 READE / 91–95 CHAMBERS)
The south side of Reade (and also the north side of Chambers), between Broadway and Church.
What we know about it:
According to the website for BKSK Architects, it’s a 65,000-square-foot development, in which “an existing building is to be paired with a new building to share a single core [with] 38 new units, along with a commercial ground floor.” While the new building incorporates 91–95 Chambers (91–93 Chambers had been home to Ralph’s Discount City) and 73–77 Reade, its address will be 77 Reade. In 2006, the Tribeca Trib stated that “There will be 31 apartments, from 900 to 2,600 square feet, with store fronts on both streets.” (You may have noticed that BKSK says 38 units while the Trib says 31; I’m waiting for an update from BKSK; the developer, 77 Reade LLC/Imagine Design, has yet to return phone calls.) The ground floor is configured to be one contiguous space from Chambers to Reade, but it could end up being divided. No word then on when 77 Reade will be done, but BKSK says the scaffolding is expected to come down within two weeks. The broker will be Corcoran, and a placeholder website is set up at The vacant lot next door, by the way, was created when 71 Reade fell down in the spring of 2009. Slated to be a hotel, 71 Reade appears stalled.
Renderings (courtesy BKSK Architects):


Location: Southeast corner of W. Broadway and Reade.
What we know about it: The building formerly housing MaryAnn’s restaurant is being torn down to make way for an expansion of the adjacent Cosmopolitan Hotel, designed by Franke, Gottsegen, Cox Architects. As co-owner Gerald Barad emailed in August (and reconfirmed this week): “Along with 25 new hotel rooms, we will be expanding the hotel lobby, adding a second elevator and developing a new upscale bar/restaurant at the corner of West Broadway and Reade. We are presently talking to Jeffrey Chodorow, the developers of STK, and a number of other restaurateurs. We have not yet made a final decision.”
Renderings (courtesy Franke, Gottsegen, Cox Architects):


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