In the News: 9/11 Memorial

••• The 9/11 Memorial will require advance tickets, which makes sense. (DNAinfo; image courtesy Squared Design Lab)

••• Battery Park not likely to allow dogs off leash anytime soon: “As a compromise […] the city was willing to install a removable 250-foot-long dog run on one of the park’s paved pathways, from 6 to 9 each morning.” (Tribeca Trib)

••• The Tribeca Loft nightclub that’s part of the new Bowlmor complex will have burlesque on Friday and Saturday nights. They totally should’ve called the nightclub the Gutter, but I guess that wouldn’t have gone with the New York theme. (DNAinfo)

••• “The contestants assembled in front of a sartorially humorless and typically Tribeca audience. Despite the designer eye wear and gray cashmere, all were ready and willing to laugh.” Oh, that sassy New York Observer.

••• Frank Gehry hangs out with the Observer in 8 Spruce Street.


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