In the News: One World Trade

••• The Daily News and the Tribeca Trib on the burglary at Nirvana International. Amit Sharma estimates that he lost $500,000.

By Julie Shapiro (courtesy DNAinfo)

••• “One World Trade Center is getting in the holiday spirit this year, with brightly colored lights that are visible from blocks around. The red, green, yellow, blue and pink lights went up recently along the eastern face of the steel and concrete skyscraper, illuminating it like a Lite Brite giant 50-story Christmas tree.” (DNAinfo)

••• “Many residents of the 1,331-unit [Independence Plaza North] told DNAinfo their radiators are lukewarm at best, and they have to bundle up just to keep from shivering in their apartments. ‘It’s horrible,’ said Janet Moore, 66, an IPN tenant. ‘All winter I keep the oven on.'” (DNAinfo)

••• “Five old buildings at 312-322 Canal Street [south side, between Broadway and Church], until recently a tawdry set of storefronts along Counterfeiters Row, have been scrubbed clean of their gritty past. Where colorful canopies and knock-offs were once king, new bricks interspersed with 15 look-alike windows have taken over, another sign of the emergence of the sensitive side of this crowded crosstown thoroughfare.” (Curbed)

••• “After three years and a $3 million price cut, real estate maven Elizabeth Rad’s Tribeca loft has sold for $6.85 million. The 11th-floor, five-bedroom unit at 166 Duane Street is in good condition, but the decor might need an update, according to Sotheby’s broker Tom Doyle. It was originally listed by Corcoran in 2007 for $9.95 million, but Mr. Doyle took over in May and dropped the price to $7.49 million, after which it swiftly went into contract.” (New York Observer)


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