Seen & Heard: 77 Reade Unsheathed

••• The scaffolding on the Chambers side of 77 Reade (right) has come down. Looks nice—but are they leaving the windows on the old building white? (The older building to the left is part of the new property.)

••• From Sweet Lily: “Now thru the end of the year, make a purchase of $200 or more in Sweet Lily’s Boutique, including gift certificates, and receive a complimentary Hot Lavender Cream Manicure for yourself!”

••• Not new but I just came across it: Did you know there’s a game (for phones, I think) called Chronicles of Tribeca? A description: “In Chronicles of Tribeca players take part in an engaging story of an evil necromancers quest for power. There once was a unity between a necromancer, a wizard and a warrior whose lives were intertwined through hatred, love, revenge, and the lust for power. After celebrating a glorious victory, the wizard and the warrior were destroyed and remade by dark magic. Help defeat the evil necromancer in this adventure of a lifetime! Welcome to Chronicles of Tribeca!”

••• After checking out New Amsterdam Market this morning—it really has some great vendors—I stopped by Pasanella & Son, the wine store across South Street. While I was admiring the Kings County moonshine (a super gift at $20), a woman walked in and went straight to the counter. “I was here last weekend,” she said. “And when I was paying, a lot of stuff was going on, and you all accidentally gave me a bottle of wine I didn’t buy.” So she was returning it. I couldn’t help but wonder whether I would do the same—ultimately, I decided I’d go to to see what the bottle was worth, and if it was $20 or so and I shopped at the store often enough, I’d probably keep it. If stores—and I don’t specifically mean Pasanella—are going to get all you-break-it-you-buy-it, then it seems to me that they have to accept the same sort of policy regarding their own behavior (or at least that’s how I justified it). But then I don’t believe in karma.


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