In the News: One World Trade

••• Was Jon Stewart instrumental in getting the 9/11 health bill passed? (The New York Times)

••• Two couples from Tribeca had dinner at Aboca Spasso, in the West Village, before it officially opened. Can someone explain the point of this New York Times column? Is it really that people often have meals together?

••• “Pace University is on a mission to house its students within a five-minute walk from its City Hall-area campus, and the school just announced a major deal. It’s partnering with SL Green Realty Corp. to build a new 24-story dorm at 180 Broadway , at the corner of John Street.” (Curbed)

••• Maximilian J. Riedel, the 33-year-old scion of the Riedel glass company, lives in Tribeca, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Excerpt: “Since I moved to America in 2001, I like being part of the American culture, so there is nothing better than eating a great steak. With friends or even by myself, I love to order filet mignon. There’s a spot in my Tribeca New York City neighborhood called City Hall that prepares it just the way I like it—rare, dry, no sauce, with a little Dijon mustard on the side, served with french fries and chopped tomatoes. I like to wash it down with a nice glass of Pinot Noir.” Read the whole Q&A to find out which sense is Maximilian J. Riedel’s favorite!

••• 1 World Trade Center is getting glassed. (Curbed)

••• The L.A. Times profiles Otto Penzler of the Mysterious Bookshop.

••• “Along with its focus on the tragic losses of that day, the Sept. 11 Museum will give visitors a feeling for what it was like for residents and workers whose lives were changed on that fateful day.” (Tribeca Trib)

••• Corton earned (right word?) 48 violation points from the city’s department of health. I feel like we can now stop paying attention to these scores. (Eater)

••• Someone was arrested for attempting to rob the Citibank on Hudson (before getting laughed out of the building). (DNAinfo)

••• I had never read Marc Shepherd’s New York Journal before; I like the way he writes about restaurants. Anyway, Tamarind Tribeca made it to his top-ten new restaurants list, while Plein Sud made it to the worst-ten list. Also, he filed a disappointed review of Industria Argentina.

••• Helen Simonson, whose Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand was a charming throwback, will be at Barnes & Noble Tribeca on Apr. 28. If you start knitting a tea cozy now, you’ll have it ready by then to toss to her up at the lectern. (GalleyCat)

••• The New York Times didn’t think much of “The Greatest Russian Nutcracker” at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

••• “The Seaport Museum is looking to sell one of its historic schooners, sources said. The 117-year-old Lettie G. Howard has been part of the museum since 1968, but sources say the museum is now trying to unload it, possibly to address budget concerns.” (DNAinfo)


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