In the News: School Crowding

••• “This is the week that Tribeca parents begin to register their 4-year-olds for P.S. 234. But even before the school doors opened Monday morning, more than half of those kindergarten seats were filled. As of last Friday, 64 siblings of students now in the school are expected to take the spots that are guaranteed to them, according to Magda Lenski, the parent coordinator and liaison between the school and parents making appointments to register their children. That leaves 51 non-special education seats for all other kindergartners-to-be in the P.S. 234 zone.” (Tribeca Trib)

••• “The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council […] has been looking for ways to reduce congestion and improve quality of life on Canal Street since 2002. Some of their short-term solutions, like clearer crosswalks and a high-occupancy vehicle lane on the Manhattan Bridge, have already been implemented. Now, the council has turned its attention to the long term and looked for ways to permanently make Canal Street a safer, more pleasant place to travel. The council hopes the city Department of Transportation will implement the proposals during a planned reconstruction of Canal Street, which is expected to begin within the next several years.” (DNAinfo)

••• “’Pants on Fire’s Metamorphoses’ [at the Flea] is an unconventional retelling of some of Ovid’s tales of transformation, but there’s no need to dig out your old textbooks. Part of the fun, it turns out, is being reintroduced to figures you may have last encountered in a high school classroom and realizing how thoroughly settled in your memory bank they are. The other part of the fun is the witty, low-tech staging by Pants on Fire, a London company that took this show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year and came away with the Best of Edinburgh Award.” (New York Times)

••• Deirdre Lewis wrote on her blog, A Walking Carnival, about working for Yaffa (who long had a restaurant, Yaffa’s, at Harrison and Greenwich) that’s worth reading even if you don’t know who Yaffa is.


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