Seen & Heard: Jazz Bar Update

••• The principles behind the jazz bar coming to Murray (right)—previously known as George’s—say they’re feeling good about the name Silver Lining and they’re “at least a month away” from opening.

••• Via Gilt City: Deals at Lance Lappin salon—savings of around 50% on various treatments, including three blowouts for $95 (regularly $195).

••• On Wednesday, Jan. 26 (6–8 p.m.), Community Board 1 will host a meeting for Lower Manhattan parents and Matthew Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers, at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. Questions: 212-442-5050 or

••• It looks like Barry Fidnick stumped everyone with his “Where in Tribeca…?” photo. I posted a pulled-back photo, and Amy nailed it. I must have walked by that sculpture thousands of times, and I’ve still never noticed it. Anyone know the story behind it?

••• Moomah just emailed that it’ll be open tomorrow, even if we get a foot of snow.

••• A bit of free consulting: If I were opening a restaurant that took reservations on OpenTable, I’d choose a name that starts with A or B. I don’t often make it to the end of the list…. Then again, if I were OpenTable, I’d do what I could to discourage restaurants from blocking off prime dining hours.


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