In the News: Plans for 250 West

••• Curbed gets the lowdown on 250 West Street, which had been in deep freeze: “El Ad [Properties] held a cocktail party (2007 is back!) to showcase the building, which should be ready by end 2013. The whole building is being converted to condo with a 75ft [or maybe 60] pool and a $30m penthouse with its own private entry, elevator and garage!” The photo (or is it a vintage postcard?) is courtesy of Curbed.

••• The New York Times profiles Kathryn Weatherup of the Weather Up Weatherups: “She lavishes attention on her cocktails, which she approaches with the punctiliousness of a lab technician and the purity of a nun.” (You can’t make that same analogy with a priest anymore, can you?)

••• People are dining and dashing, says the New York Post: “Recently, a group of eight 30-somethings came into Mehtaphor about 45 minutes before their reservation, demanding to be seated. Their table wasn’t ready, so the group opted to wait at the bar, where it ran up a tab of more than $100. But as its table was being set up a few minutes before the scheduled reservation time, the group harrumphed that it would no longer wait—skipping out on the bar tab, too. ‘It was very calculatedly done,’ says Mehta, who notes that in the past six months he’s encountered several instances of customer swindling—ranging from a credit-card dispute to gratuitous wrangling for freebies.” (As usual with the Post, the comments are horrifying/entertaining.)

••• Yesterday’s item about economist Nouriel Roubini trying to sell his formerly-decorated-with-vaginas apartment somehow missed all sorts of good stuff, as this Curbed post reminded me.

••• Interesting even if not quite Tribeca-related: Equinox is opening a cut-rate Noho gym called Blink. (Racked)

••• The Skyscraper Museum in Battery Park City has a new exhibit about factories, a.k.a. “blue-collar cathedrals.” (Broadsheet Daily)

••• “‘Park51 plans to open one section of the first floor area as a temporary space for public use for a multicultural art exhibit later in the spring,’ said [spokesperson Larry Kopp].” Plus: a frivolous lawsuit—time to give up and go home, boys. You lost. (New York Times via Curbed)


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