Seen & Heard: Cobblestones for Duane?

••• Carla Bauer, Lynn Ellsworth, Curry Ford, and Karie Parker, presumably all Duane Street residents, are trying to build enthusiasm for the cobblestoning of Duane Street. Their website lists the pros and cons: “Pros: Cobblestones are beautiful and historically appropriate for our neighborhood. We notice that cobblestone streets drain better. A real estate appraiser (Larry Sicular) tells us that cobblestones are one of several historical elements that add value to the homes around them. And last, walking across cobblestones stimulates our brains—or so says a recent PBS-NOVA television show aired on Dec. 1 2010 on the theme of neuroplasticity.” One pro too far? “Cons: Cobblestone streets can be annoying to walk across if you are wearing high heels. They might also create noise when lots of traffic moves fast on top of them.” I’m not saying I don’t think cobblestones would be lovely, but they do force bicyclists onto the sidewalks. The site has a poll and a petition, if you want to weigh in.

••• A Uno (right) is having its “biggest sale ever” on clothes and accessories. Through Jan. 31.

••• Compose is offering deals for happy hour and an exclusive cocktail party on Gilt City.

••• From Art on Air/the Clocktower Gallery: “On Tuesday, January 18 at 6pm, composers G Lucas Crane and Darren Driphouse Ho face-off in the first of a series of performances that asks: Who Is the Morally Superior Composer? Don’t miss these dueling performances whose victor will be determined by the Clocktower’s very own Moral Judgement Box. This event is free and open to the public at the Clocktower Gallery, located at 108 Leonard Street, 13th Floor.”

••• As of Jan. 19, you can order the menu that won Marc Forgione the “Next Iron Chef” finale. “The 1621 Harvest Menu will feature five courses for $89 and will replace our Seasonal Tasting Menu until February.”

••• InBundles deal: $6 for $13 worth of food at the Ruben’s Empanadas on Church.

••• Check out the progress on the Broadway side of 57 Reade….


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