Photo Safari: A Cinderella Story

I considered making a snarky comment about tax money at work, but seeing the firefighters using the ladder truck to take down Christmas decorations made my day.

The forlornness of snowmen everywhere was bumming me out…

and then it got worse.

The trio of Cunard cruise ships (and accompanying fireworks) recently in the harbor made for a gorgeous photo, which @TheVisionaire tweeted on behalf of the Albanese Organization.

Some people might look at this shoe and think that somebody needs to go easy on the El Gigante margies at SouthWestNY. I, however, see a woman who, approaching the ferry terminal, saw that she had no time to spare and hurtled down the wall—and if she lost a shoe on the way, so what? SHE MADE THAT FERRY.

I’m still collecting photos of One World Trade Center (so send me yours! Extra points for ones from inside tall buildings), and yesterday I went and looked for interesting vantage points. I discovered that the southern corners have turned very interesting.

See what I mean?


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