Pride? What Pride?

If you look at the left-hand column, you’ll see that I’ve added “Support this site.”

While there’s an increasing amount of advertising on Tribeca Citizen, it doesn’t come close to covering my lifestyle the money or effort I put into the site. Please consider making a donation via PayPal (it will allow you to use a credit card, too). I promise that as soon as the advertising revenue covers my costs, I’ll remove this plea.

Other ways to help:

••• Tell your friends and neighbors about the site! One easy way to do that is by “sharing” an article you see on Facebook. Just click “share” and you’ll be prompted to post an item on your wall about the article.

••• When you patronize a local merchant because of something you read here, please mention it to him or her. And if you are a local merchant, by all means keep me abreast of any news you have—don’t expect that I’ll see it on Facebook, Twitter, or the flyer you’ve posted in your window. My email address is below.

••• Comment!

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