New Kid on the Block: The Canal Park Inn

Canal Park Playhouse, which opened in November, has a sibling: The Canal Park Inn. Playhouse founder and new innkeeper Kipp Osborne showed me around the other day. Named for the families (Batby, Sinnot, Denot, Kennedy) that once lived in the building—which is landmarked and was built in 1826—the four rooms are quite large by New York–hotel standards, and several have alcoves with sofas that fold out into secondary beds. The place is full of historical character—all rooms have claw-foot tubs, and the stairs and door frames are far from new-build. (Modernity isn’t entirely forsaken: Several rooms have either a kitchen or kitchenette; Batby has a washer/dryer; and the rooms facing Canal are incredibly quiet, thanks to triple-glazed windows.) But does Osborne have any experience running a B&B? “Why would I do something I’ve done before?” he responded, joking. But the Osbornes have been renting out and subletting rooms over the years, and more recently, they beta-tested the inn by allowing the Piccolini Trio clowns—who were performing downstairs—to stay there. Moreover, Kipp has help: His wife, Margot, is handling the books, while their daughter Sarah-Doe is taking care of the day-to-day operations. The breakfast menu—important for a part of town that’s not exactly full of breakfast options—will include Pink Playhouse Waffles, Green Eggs and Ham, a “Quilted” Omelet (prepared on a waffle iron), and bagels and cream cheese. And the rates? For now, they’re a very sweet $160–$289. Photographs by Evan Joseph, courtesy the Canal Park Inn.

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