In the News: Second Thoughts on Liberty Security

••• “While in New York on Thursday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar had hoped to announce changes in how visitors to the Statue of Liberty are screened for weapons and other hazards [i.e., not in Battery Park but on Ellis Island]. But because of concerns from federal and city police, the new security plan has been delayed, according to several people familiar with the plan. City officials, after hearing complaints from the United States Park Police officers who guard the statue, have told Mr. Salazar they are not yet comfortable with the proposed changes. […] Some park police officers have raised concerns about letting people who have not passed through metal detectors board ferries to the statue.” (New York Times)

••• “From mid-December until this week, recess at the new Battery Park City school [P.S. 276] at 55 Battery Place has been mostly indoors due to the weather conditions on the school’s playground.” Slow news day, eh? (Broadsheet Daily)

••• The Daily Blender (?) interview with Marc Forgione includes this exchange: “Q: What’s up next for you? Any thoughts on expansion, particularly with the Michelin and New York Times stars? A: Right now I am weighing options and deciding the best next move for me. Anyone out there reading this, feel free to give me a call at the restaurant with suggestions.”

••• One World Trade now really halfway to its final height. (New York Times via Curbed)

••• At the Tribute WTC Visitor Center, a new exhibit “called ‘Memories & Meanings: Objects Speak,’ showcases 22 items that people saved after 9/11, and their own words about how their view of the object changed as time passed.” Another few years and you’ll be able to buy replicas in the gift shop. Sorry. But does anyone else ever get a little uncomfortable about the ways that remembering the tragedy of 9/11 has become a full-fledged industry? Maybe it’s just me and/or maybe it’s inevitable. Or maybe I need a vacation—oh, that’s right. Just took one…. (DNAinfo)


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