Seen & Heard: Spa Deals

••• From InBundles: $10 for $20 at Farinella Italian Bakery (caveat: only good after 2:30 p.m.). I bought this one, just so you know.

••• This week (through Friday), Tribeca Spa of Tranquility is running a bunch of specials, including 40% off all facials and massages.

••• And Tribeca MedSpa has posted an online coupon for $50 off non-waxing services.

••• From the Clocktower Gallery: “We are proud to announce that a motor-driven marionette [left] from Dennis Oppenheim’s historic 1974 Theme for a Major Hit is currently waltzing to the artist’s original sound piece, ‘It ain’t what you make, it’s what makes you do it,’ in the Clocktower Gallery entrance. This seductive yet confounding puppet represents a key phase in the artist’s body of work.” Also: “Experimental reggae-nists dubknowdub are recording the Clocktower Gallery itself—its heaters, the wind on the roof, the echoing hall, and perhaps its ghosts—to create an original sound piece that will be truly unique to the Clocktower.”

••• Director Edward Burns tweeted that the name of his upcoming film—which takes place entirely in Tribeca—is changing from Newlyweds to Triangles Below Canal.


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