In the News: Finn Square Sculpture

By Debora Barrett (courtesy Tribeca Trib)

••• The Tribeca Trib gets a look at the Bill Barrett sculpture proposed for Finn Square (where W. Broadway hits Varick). It’s 11 feet tall and titled “9/11.”: “This month, Community Board 1’s Tribeca Committee recommended that the city approve the installation, which Parks Department rules mandate can remain for no more than a year.”

••• “Several New York politicians are pushing for a comprehensive museum near the African Burial Ground on Duane Street. The museum would be larger than the 2,500-square-foot visitors center that opened nearby last year, and it would also cover the history of slavery across the United States. [… Rep. Jerrold] Nadler’s legislation, introduced last Thursday, would create an African Burial Ground International Memorial Museum and Educational Center adjacent to the 300-year-old cemetery. The federal government would pay two-thirds of the cost of finding a site and building the museum, including an initial allocation of $15 million in 2012.” (DNAinfo)

••• “After years of battling for funding and searching for potential spaces, two parent leaders [at Millennium High School] sent a letter to the School Construction Authority last week saying they were finished waiting. The parents asked the SCA to release the $1 million the agency has earmarked for the gym, so that the school could use the money for other needs.” (DNAinfo)

••• The Wall Street Journal recaps the Hudson Square rezoning proposal.

••• Curbed gets a tour of three units in New York by Gehry.


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