Seen & Heard: Il Matto’s Neon

••• Formerly restrained Il Matto added a big neon martini glass over its from door. Any opinions?

••• Fascinating array of people coming to Barnes & Noble Tribeca over the next few months: Sheryl Crow touting a cookbook (Mar. 29); the consistently fabulous Shirley MacLaine (Apr. 13); Larry Flynt promoting a book about the sex lives of presidents (Apr. 27); and Cher’s gender-transitioned son Chaz Bono (May 10). That’s besides the previoulsy mentioned Dan Savage and Terry Miller, who have a book based on their “It Gets Better” initiative for LGBT teens, and Helen Simonson, author of Mr. Pettigrew’s Last Stand.

••• There have been two strange tweets floating around Twitter for months now. I have to guess they were paid—because too9 many people have posted them (and not as retweets). The first particularly baffles me: “At Il Matto in TriBeCa, chef-owner Matteo Boglione is very clear on what his restaurant is and isn’t for” (um, OK). And the second: “I stayed at the lovely Greenwich Hotel situated in Tribeca last August” (generally these come from attractive women). If this is marketing, I don’t get it.

••• On Apr. 1, starting at 10:30 p.m., New York Vintners is hosting a six-course, pork-themed dinner called Apocalypse Sow ($95 per person).

••• Tonight’s CB1 SLA Task Force meeting has been canceled…

••• …which means maybe you’ll want to instead check out what I think might be the best happy hour deal around. I popped by B Flat last night—hadn’t been in a long time—and was once again impressed by the whole operation. It’s so delightfully civilized: Ella singing “Stompin’ at the Savoy,” dapper bartenders in ties, and a happy ghour drink list (till 8 p.m.) that includes Manhattans for $6. It wasn’t a huge Manhattan—thank goodness—but one of those elegant little ones, and it was still enough to send me at least a sheet and a half to the wind. There are beer and wines specials, too. Note to self: Next time, explore the food menu (which I misremembered as a place for nibblybits only, but you could really eat a meal there).


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