Seen & Heard: WFC Restaurants

••• Timing updates from Ed’s Lobster Bar re: its World Financial Center restaurant: “For those of you who have not heard the rumors, John and I will be expanding our presence in the World Financial Center in the next month and opening up Caravelli’s Pizzeria where we’ll be offering thin-crust pizza as well as my own Sicilian specialties. We’ll also be re-opening the Ed’s Lobster Bar kiosk at the WFC plaza in early April.” (Not linking to Ed’s site because I got a virus warning.)

••• From Travelzoo: a deal at Pelea Mexicana.

••• From Buy With Me: a deal at Cowgirl Sea-Horse.

••• From DoodleDeals: a deal at Euphoria Spa.

••• Two recent enthusiasms: I had a very nice lunch at Ward III the other day. You may think of it primarily as a bar—and a good one at that—but it’s also a restaurant, and for lunch they move the tables up to the front of the room, where there’s usually lounge seating, so diners can get the light. Ward III currently has a sweet deal, too: $10 for a bowl of soup (mine was black bean and pumpkin) and a half sandwich of your choice (I got the BLT with avocado), which comes with a side salad. My second enthusiasm: I’d forgotten how much I love these leaf-shaped, chocolate-covered almond wafers from Duane Park Patisserie. There’s enough chocolate for them to qualify as candy, but you can still tell yourself you’re just having a cookie (or five) (or every single one of the 10 you bought, even the ones you bought for your partner).


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