In the News: Damon Dash to Open Vintage Store

••• “Damon Dash is taking his business sense to a new fashion venture, opening a vintage clothing store in New York City. Dash will add the store to his growing list of business at his current DD172 location in Manhattan’s Tribeca area, which is already home to his art gallery, record label and recording studio. The store, Local 172 Trading Post, will open later this week. Catering to both men and women, the storefront will carry lines from the likes of Ralph Lauren, Pendelton, LL Bean and Woolrich. The grand opening event will feature special performances including music by SkiBeatz, DJ Edan and DJ Ghostdad.” (The Boombox)

••• New York Times columnist Clyde Haberman recaps the Park51 nonsense. I’m not noting every little lawsuit anymore. They’re frivolous and distracting.

••• A slideshow of Todd Oldham’s office, which overlooks Trinity Church cemetery. (Design Hunting with Wendy Goodman)

••• “New York City education officials are set to approve a school construction budget on Wednesday that would significantly cut the number of schools to be built in the next three years, as the city faces what it says is a new cap on state construction aid. […] In District 2, which includes Tribeca, Chelsea and the Upper East Side, last year’s plan had provided for eight new schools for 3,666 students; the new blueprint contains construction plans for 1,400 students.” (New York Times)

••• DNAinfo followed up on my report that Gigino had been closed for health violations, noting that it received 77 points: “Under the restaurant grading system the city introduced last year, establishments with 28 or more violation points receive a C grade and are reinspected monthly. The Health Department immediately shuts down any restaurant with extremely serious violations.” It was still shut down as of earlier today.

••• Trattoria Cinque’s lasagna made Eater‘s list of 10 dishes not listed on restaurants’ menus.

••• A man who left his wallet in an unlocked locker at Equinox Tribeca returned to find his credit card gone. Tribeca’s not that safe, hon. Public-service announcement time! A couple of years ago, I walked back into the locker room there, only to discover a man standing in front of my locker and holding up my jeans. :”Those are my jeans,” I said, dumbfounded. “Sorry,” he said, handing them to me and leaving. By the time I realized what was going on, he was outta there. Later, at the little hardware store on Church, the clerk told me that those simple Master locks—the rounded ones—are very easily picked. Get a better one, assuming you’re locking you locker in the first place. (DNAinfo)

••• David Waltuck, once of Chanterelle, will be chef at a big new restaurant in a part of town you never go to on 37th between 10th and 11th. (Eater)

••• CB1 “unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday night calling for a study of the [Indian Point Nuclear power] plant’s safety and security. The board also asked for an immediate evacuation plan that includes New York City, so the city is prepared in the event of a meltdown.” (DNAinfo) CB1 also passed a resolution in support of the so-called “millionaire’s tax”—for individuals earning more than $200K and households making over $300K—to support school funding.

••• “A petition to save the Winter Garden staircase in Battery Park City has gathered 1,265 signatures in just more than two weeks.” Brookfield presumably shrugged. (DNAinfo)

••• Downtown Express comes out in favor of pop-up cafés—but then again, they like the bike lanes.


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