Grown & Sewn’s New Home

It never fails: As soon as I post one Progress Report, something new appears. So I’ll soon be adding to that article what I discovered today walking along Franklin Street: Grown & Sewn, which has been on Duane Street since late 2009, is moving to the old Color Me Mine space at 116 Franklin. (A passerby was staring at the sign, so I told her that it was good news G&S was coming. She asked if it was food-related, even though she acknowledged that Sewn would more likely be Sown. I explained that it was mostly menswear and mostly khakis.) The move will happen by April 1, according to a staffer at the Duane Street store (right). Unlike that location, which was always supposed to be a temporary pop-up—sharing the space with Skot Foreman Fine Art—the new location is permanent.

Skot Foreman, meanwhile, is staying put and filling out the whole space at 184 Duane.


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